Owner, Bolaji Agbede – Masters in Exercise Science at the University of Central Florida. NASM Certified personal trainer. He has invaluable experience as a personal trainer, working at Bally Total Fitness and LA Fitness gyms and also as an exercise physiologist at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida.  Bolaji was also documented as the fastest and strongest student at the University of Florida in 2008 and featured in Sports Illustrated that same Year. He presented research titled “Disparities among college students that hinder or facilitate exercise” in the Wellness Research conference in 2012.

His love for wanting to succeed as a football player in high school led him to the weight room, a place he once hated. Little did he know that this would then lead to his love for fitness. Through much study and schooling, he became well versed in exercise science and developed scientifically based programs which one can build muscle, burn fat and live healthier. Trying these programs on himself, the regimens proved successful. He now wants to share it with those who have the same desires.

Other than fitness and nutrition, he loves comedic media and having fun with friends.


3045 Austell Rd Suite 104, Marietta GA 30008/ 770-265-0314